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Prochaine compétition : 18 Novembre Nice

Paul Oliver - a difficult choice

A difficult decision for the British champion, Paul decided not to play for organizing this beautiful event.
Paul Oliver - a difficult choice

"It's dificult to take the decision not to play especially as it's also a European Tour event but I hope the players enjoyed a really impressive tournament.

I was quite surprised so many players struggled with the course. I think Marco and Alex made the course look easy and I was expecting more of the top players to feature.

Marco's performance was perfect - after hole 8 he was tied for the lead and kept playing his game. Alex didn't seem to have the luck when he needed it

I travel to Orlando for the US ProAm in two weeks - I loved the event last year in USA and it's always great to see Roberto and Laura. I am teamed with Pelliccioni, Otero and Perrone in the team event so I hope they don't let me down !"

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