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Prochaine compétition : Metz 01 Juillet Luxembourg 02 Juillet

Ben Clarke - Our UK team is incredibly strong !

Great season for Ben Clarke, after his second place in the UK Ranking 2015, he finished 3rd in the European Tour after his victory in the final

Ben Clarke

Ben Clarke

1/ Wow Ben, 3 victories on the European Tour and in addition a row, the hat-trick!

"It feels fantastic, I set a target to myself to finish in the top by playing in the final 3 events, I never even thought that I'd win all three with the amount of quality at each event to eventually finish 2nd in Europe! It's a fantastic achievement and one I'm extremely proud of."

2/ How was this final in Turkey?

"The final event was excellent, it's been the best course I've played on so far and the facilities were outstanding, everything about the weekend was perfect and it was also good to see my room mate Liam Shutes get podium"

3/ The course was fun to play?

"The course was beautiful, it had plenty of character with water hazards which always make a course more challenging and offered various challenges."

4/ You go at the same time on the podium overall, you realize a great performance!

"It was great, I never expected to make the overall podium of the 2015 EFTT, the amount of quality players that take part it's a huge honour to be amongst some great names in FootGolf"

UK Team won the European Tour 2015

UK Team won the European Tour 2015

5/ And thanks to you and your teammates, you confortez and confirm the ranking of N ° 1 UK team

"Our UK team is incredibly strong, we have a lot of top talent and I think that shows in the European rankings with 4 players in the top 10 from the UK. The tournaments we have in the UK are extremely competitive and brings out the best of all of us."

6/ We can come back to your beginnings of footgolfeurs, how long do you play in footgolf?

"I've been playing FootGolf for just over a year now, having started in July time."


Ben Clarke - Lionel Jacot and Nico Cousin
Ben Clarke - Lionel Jacot and Nico Cousin

7/ How did you know what sport?

"Someone followed me on Twitter and suggested playing the sport, from then on I was hooked on the sport and have played it ever since."

8/ You play in which gym?

"I play at the UK FootGolf academy course in Watford"

9/ How you are ranked in the English championship?

"I finished ranked second in the UK rankings this 2015 season after finishing 1st at the end of the 2014 season."

"Nicolas Cousin, a team mate of mine played with him on the

second day and was very impressed by him."

Ben Clarke - Our UK team is incredibly strong !

10/ What were your early season goals?

"My season goals for 2015 was to retain my UK #1 status and improve my previous season ranking in Europe for 2014 which was 24th"

11/ You're pretty footballer or golfer? You'll still play?

"I don't play golf but have always played football since a young age, I've given up playing football to concentrate on FootGolf."

12/ You know the French footgolfeurs?

"I don't know too many of the French FootGolfers, although Nicholas Cousin came second at the Turkey event, a team mate of mine played with him on the second day and was very impressed by him."

13/ We'll meet you at the World Cup, of course, a dream come true?

"Of course, always a dream to play for your country on the elite stage of any sport! It's one myself and the rest of team uk are really looking forward!"

14/A final word to say to our readers or to your teammates or opponents?

"Thanks to everyone who's been part of the 2015 season, it's been a great year for me and even better for the growth of the sport! I look forward to all the new challenges 2016 brings..."

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